Tractor Trolley Hub Brake Drum

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Optimum heat dissipation and high resistance to wear are primary characteristics adhered to. Each Drum is thoroughly examined for material durability & dimensional accuracy. Proper annealing of castings is done to relieve chilled spots which are which are responsible for wear properties.

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Tractor Trolley Hub Brake Drum V315

The tractor trolley hub brake drum is customized automobile parts manufactured by Vishal Industries India. Vishal Franko is one of India’s leading automobile manufacturing companies located centrally at the historical city of Gwalior. Over years the company has earned a credible reputation by providing suppliers with quality automobile components parts like hubs, break drum, jacks. We mainly provide auto components parts for Leyland and Tata vehicle. Our products for tractor trolley hubs brake and drum include a wide range of tractor trolley hubs and tractor trolley hub with drum. The two different automotive components brake drums and hubs are sold singularly as a combined pack by Vishal Franko.

Vishal Franko’s tractor trolley hub brake drum makes sweeping sales each year and many global automobile companies has come to depend upon the brand all because of the quality of the product and the service offered by the company. Each single piece of tractor trolley hubs and drums supplied by Vishal Franko only reaches the market after undergoing through test for dimensional accuracy and material durability. They set a high definition for optimum heat dissipation and provide high resistance so that you can be relaxed of wear and tear. The products are specifically casted to relieve the chilled spots which hold responsibility for corrosion of automobile parts.

In the tractor trolly hub brake drum the brake drum and hubs are forged out of grey cast iron. The castings and forgings undergo various tests for measuring its metallurgical quality and grain flow pattern. While under making all the critical parameters are controlled by sophisticated measuring instruments. The hubs are specially made to provide proper lubrication to the bearings. You can see the various tractor trolley hubs and drums manufactured by Vishal Franko in the chart provided in their official website.

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Tractor Trolley Hub Brake Drum V317

In the past few years Vishal Franko has redefined automobile industry with its various automobile parts. Located centrally in the historical town of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh the company is now surfacing at global platform with its tractor trolley products and components. The company is the primary supplier of automobile parts to Tata and Leyland. The tractor trolley products include tractor trolly hubs with drum, tractor trolley hubs, and tractor trolley brake drums. Each of its products is engineered to provide optimum heat dissipation and high resistance. They are forged in accurate dimension and in terms of durability they offer maximum service. Accurate annealing of castings provides relieve to the chilled spot which offers stability and durability.